Our Values

"If you want to succeed, don't do your job for money, do it for the love of the job itself, put your passion in every gelato, every single day"

This is the reason we brought the best gelato makers straight from Italy. Even though our machines were more expensive than the standard gelato makers, we are proud to be the only store in California that has them. We buy our fresh ingredients such as fruits, milk, and eggs in local shops and our experience has roots spanning over 50 years

Our History

The first family “Gelateria” was opened few years after WWII in Bologna Italy. “Since that period, my ancestors put all their efforts in the research and development of new recipes. They used only the best products and ingredients and made sure their customers were always taken care of. They dedicated their life to this job, making it with passion, and so do I” - Clint Legnani.

Clint used to work since his childhood in the lab of his uncle’s gelato shop. There, he learned how to develop new recipes and after the great success of the Italian gelateria, he decided to bring his experience to the USA. Clint moved in California in October 2009 where he founded “Clint and the Gelato Factory”. The first Gelateria, called Gelato Bus Stop, was opened in July 2010 in Pacific Beach, San Diego and immediately had great success obtaining magnificent reviews from its new customers.

During this period the business developed quickly and presently we’re serving catering companies, coffee shops, restaurants, and we also fundraised for some local schools.

We already did a lot here, but we know that we are just at the beginning.

Gelato Bus Stop